Digital Mitford Coding Guidelines

Digital Mitford Coding Guidelines

I have been working on formalizing our guidelines for transcribing and encoding manuscript letters in TEI P5, so there’s much more detail hammered out on how and where to encode permissions from archives, as well as the condition, quality, and size of the pages, the presence or absence of envelopes, the description of wax seals and postal marks or stamps, and exactly how to code the address. I’ve changed my sample TEI letter (“DigitalMitfordTEILetterTemplate.xml”) in our Box MRMS Project Support folder, so that this now models the new and more detailed standards.

At this point, I think we have a reasonably thorough set of coding guidelines hammered out, so I think we’re ready to go live (and welcome comments). I’m publishing our guidelines to our website as an indication of our plans for the project, but only project team members can access, edit, and comment on the live editable version in Google Drive.  Please find our Coding Guidelines published on the “About” page of the Digital Mitford site. And find our sample TEI letter with all the new updated code in the Workshop page of our site.


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