Digital Mitford Annual June Workshop Set: June 2, 3, and 4, 2014


Mary Russell Mitford in Pieces

We are calling for participants to join the Digital Mitford: the Mary Russell Mitford Archive, at If you are interested in learning TEI coding and participating in a large-scale digital archive project now well underway, we are happy to orient you to the project as part of our June workshop series.

We are hosting our second of what we hope will be an annual series of face-to-face workshop sessions at the lovely Pitt-Greensburg campus, during the first week of June 2014. The dates are now set, so that we expect people to arrive on Saturday or Sunday May 31 / June 1, and depart on Thurs. June 5, with our workshops running during the days throughout Mon. – Wed. June 2 – June 4. (This is basically the same timing as last year’s launch workshops.)

Please share this message with any researcher whom you think would be interested in gaining experience with digital scholarly edition work, digital humanities methods, 19th-century literature and culture, women writers, or Mary Mitford. We hope that all who join the Mitford project will find many good resources for scholarly research and publication, and gain experience useful for individual projects. **NOTE: If we have a high response this year, applications may be necessary.

We ask that all NEW people interested in joining the project please write me using the contact form below to introduce yourself by Friday March 28.

* All current active editors and consultants (and all with us at our project launch last year, please write and let me know if you can make it–Friday March 28 makes a good deadline. 

Our project goals are, as ever,

* to produce the first comprehensive scholarly edition of the works and letters of Mary Russell Mitford, and
* to share knowledge of TEI XML and other related humanities computing practices with all serious scholars interested in contributing to this  project.

To read more about the project design and our editing methods, please read our “About the Project” page:

This year, we plan to host workshops at three levels:

1) to orient new editors and consultants to our project. If you’re new to the project, we may want to try to bring you in a little earlier in the weekend: (Let me know who you are and we’ll work this out. I’d like to run some virtual training sessions in May ahead of the meetings, so we can integrate the new people as much as possible with our core editing team.)
2) to bring our current editors, consultants, and advisors up to date on new developments and give us a chance to work together on revising coding guidelines (at ) and discussing editing issues as well as site design and development (I’ll ask some of the current editors also to help me train the new people!)
3) to bring specialists in data visualization and XML data extraction together to consult and help design effective and readable network graphs, charts, and maps drawn from our prosopography data collected thus far from our coding, and to advise on reading views and site design for our texts. (We’ll find time for these specialists to work on their own, and also to share ideas with the project team).

We tentatively expect to have the costs of residence covered at the Pitt- Greensburg campus, but we probably cannot cover the costs of travel here. We’ve submitted our first two major grant applications to support this project, and are awaiting word on whether or how much of our workshop expenses might be covered by external funding sources. For now, we ask each of you to investigate local funding sources to help cover the costs of travel here. If all else fails, we will happily make it possible for you to attend the workshops through Google+ Hangouts as we did last year, but it’s best if we can all be together in person!

The June 2014 workshops mark the completion of our first full year of project work. By the time we convene, we expect to have prepared a “test-bed” of coded TEI XML texts representing a cross section of Mitford’s letters, drama, and prose sketches from the early 1820s, and from which we have already begun assembling an extensive collection of prosopography information, recording hundreds of people, fictional characters, locations, and publications. Our project is quite young, so these hundreds of entries we’ve accumulated just scratch the surface of what we’ll be developing in the next few years. For this June, our test bed of TEI files and prosopography data give us a good foundation on which to develop long-range plans.

Thanks, everyone, for reading and sharing with interested parties! Please respond to indicate your interest using the form below:

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