Intro to Greg Bondar

Greetings! Since 2007, I have photographed over 300 of Mitford’s letters in the Reading Central Library, and another 150 letters in the John Ryland’s Library in Manchester. I also maintain this project’s Excel database documenting over 1000 individual letters and manuscripts. This summer, we plan to return to Reading to  photograph the remaining 500+ letters there.

I normally teach courses in Anthropology & Archaeology for Univ of Pitt at Greensburg and Penn State – Greater Allegheny campuses, but I currently also team teach UPG’s DH course with Elisa.

While I’ve only been involved in DH applications since 2013, I’ve spent many years marking-up ethnographic data in the mid-1990’s, which was a perverse combination of my undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Anthropology, as is my own research mixing stone tools with a nuclear reactor.



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