Jim Rovira Intro

Hello, I’m Jim Rovira, one of the new editors who will be coming in next week. I’m writing here to introduce myself. I’d like first to say thank you to Elisa and her team for their hard work on this project, and for being an open, welcoming community — not to mention the first rate work being done on this archive.

About myself: I received my Ph.D. in English Literature from Drew University in 2008 and have been teaching full time at Tiffin University (Tiffin, OH) since August of 2008. Prior to that I worked full time as a Lecturer in English at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, my undergraduate alma mater. My central figure is William Blake, but I’ve done some secondary study in Continental philosophy from Kant to the Frankfurt School. My dissertation was on Blake and Kierkegaard, which became my book Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety (Continuum 2010).

I’ve had minor involvement in web development since the 90s — I created a website for my Orlando area writer’s group mid-90s, I think, and, worked with the Admissions office at my grad institution as liaison between Admissions and web development. I never learned much more than basic HTML, and at the time I started to introduce myself to .php just a little bit. When I started the Lecturer job, though, I quit working on learning coding, so this workshop will be my first real return to coding in some years. I have ideas for Blake and Milton digital projects. We will see.

I currently live in the Columbus, OH area with my wife Sheridan and children Penn (10), Grace (8), and Zoe (4). You can learn more about me at jamesrovira.com.


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