Introduction, Catherine S Cox

Hi, everyone – I’m Catherine S Cox, one of the new editors who’ll be meeting you all very soon at this year’s gathering at Pitt-Greensburg. I’ve heard such wonderful things about this community, and am so inspired by what Elisa has shown me of this impressive collaborative project, that it’s a real privilege to have been invited to participate. Because I’m new to the project, and to much of the current technological tools and coding used in developing and sustaining it, I plan to do a lot of observing and learning this first round in order to get up to speed.

Briefly about me academically: I’m Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh’s Johnstown campus, where I teach biblical studies, medieval and early modern literature and culture, history of the English language, and contemporary critical theory (the last of which has a digital humanities component that I’m hoping to build upon in the year ahead, moving from using resources to creating them). I’ve published numerous articles on religion, gender, and literature from ancient to modern, as well as two books, Gender and Language in Chaucer and The Judaic Other in Dante, the Gawain Poet, and Chaucer, and am working on a third, on ethical dilemmas. I learned HTML years ago and had a personal webpage and several course pages, deactivated since Pitt switched to Blackboard/Courseweb for internal use.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning and working together!


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