Site Migration!

Followers of our project should bookmark our new site address: ! We are transitioning our project to new server space hosted by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), and the Digital Mitford project has joined the PSC’s Data Exacell program, a pilot project that deploys supercomputing equipment and processing power to support data analysis projects across disciplines spanning the digital humanities to the hard sciences. We are excited to be part of the digital humanities “wing” of the PSC’s research program!

Moving to the PSC gives us more space for the background database work of our project to expand, and is providing us with wonderful opportunities to experiment with our eXist XML database and to develop our capacities to develop live search features and navigation tools as well as new graphics for the project.

We’re unveiling our new site in advance of our annual face-to-face workshop and Coding School next week (from May 27 – 31 at the Pitt-Greensburg campus).  For a while we’ll keep both sites running, to mirror each other at and, but we will eventually redirect all traffic to the new site.


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