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Prep for June 2014 Digital Mitford Workshops

All¬†actively involved with the Digital Mitford project should check their e-mail for important announcements in advance of our June workshops.¬† Lots of progress is being made just now on our XML coding in advance of our workshops, and I’m gradually working through the XML code and prosopography entries our editors have been submitting so far. […]

Working List of Archives

Working List of Archives New site feature for the Digital Mitford: a working list of archives holding Mitford papers, including links to each collection’s catalog.

Digital Mitford Site Update, Letter Exhibit, and Twitter Feed

Digital Mitford Site Update, Letter Exhibit, and Twitter Feed I’ve made some major updates to the Digital Mitford site this weekend, including an exhibit on our editing of Mitford’s letters, much more detail on our editing and coding methods, and new orientation materials that we’ll be using with our student assistants and new editors joining […]

Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures: Massive Update and Overhaul!

Originally posted on Confessions of a Digital Romanticist:
Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures: Massive Update and Overhaul! I’ve spent much of yesterday and today massively overhauling our Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures site–to make room for new material coming in as we’re working with our students on projects this term! Much excitement and exhaustion…This was…

A radish on a turnip: MRM to RA Davenport

Originally posted on Confessions of a Digital Romanticist:
Here’s a little gem from the archives: Mitford corresponded frequently in the 1810s with R. A. (Richard Alfred) Davenport, who published an annual Poetical Register (anthology of poetry), and appears to have been a strong and lasting fan of her writing. As I’m reviewing my pencil transcriptions…

Digital Mitford Coding Guidelines

Digital Mitford Coding Guidelines I have been working on formalizing our guidelines for transcribing and encoding manuscript letters in TEI P5, so there’s much more detail hammered out on how and where to encode permissions from archives, as well as the condition, quality, and size of the pages, the presence or absence of envelopes, the […]

Taking Stock: Work Underway

Collectively, we’re working on about three things at once (or each in turn): 1) Project editors are preparing a selection of plays, poems, the first edition of Our Village and a small cluster of letters in TEI XML. What’s next: preparing for a first wave of context encoding (and associated research). I’m nearly ready with […]